Canada Day Fireworks

Canada Day! I waited with my tripod and camera amongst swarms of mosquitos for the perfect shot, and I think I got it. Shot on Nikon D90 with a Sigma 10-20mm. 6 seconds exposure and f/16. I accidentally converted it to black and white and I liked it, so I kept it black and white.


Exploring Edmonton

Me and my friend James decided to go for a sort of photowalk around downtown Edmonton. Although I’ve lived in Edmonton my whole life, I’ve never shot any photos within downtown Edmonton. Edmonton itself is a bit of an uninspiring place to shoot photos, but we stumbled upon a parkade where we found some interesting things to shoot, namely its spiral parkade ramp. Ultimately, the bitter cold weather got the better of us, cutting our shoot short and forcing us to retreat inside a bar for some alcohol to warm us up.


Edmonton Highlevel

Capturing Edmonton’s high level bridge.


Entrance sign to the parkade.

Edmonton parkade

The spiral parkade ramp that we were so enraptured by.


Peering down the grimy parkade.


View from one floor shy of the top. I don’t think I would come here alone at night.

Edmonton parkade

James having a bit of fun with the remote shutter release and my camera placed on the ground.


Had a fun shoot with a couple of my friends. They’re both black belt in Taekwondo, and while they sparred and kicked each other, I just shot away with my camera. These two are my favourites from the bunch. Shutter speed was at 1/250th with the aperture at f/2.8. The place was poorly lit, so I had to increase the overall exposure a few stops in post processing, which reduced the quality of the image. A strobe or flash setup would have been nice, but I have no practical knowledge in that area yet, nor the equipment. Oh well, enjoy!



Action Sequence

An action sequence shot and edited in Photoshop. Just getting acquainted with layer masks. The lighting conditions were less than ideal, which created really grainy photos that I had to work with. The shadows were a bit tricky for me to mask in. It was a really fun shoot!Flip


Got a Lomo LC-A camera today! It’s the original Russian model released in 1984 and discontinued in 2005. It’s a very small camera, it feels like a toy camera when I’m shooting with it. Film loading and winding are completely manual. Controls are basic, with switches controlling the aperture and focusing distance. The design of the camera is what I’m really loving so far. It’s minimal and unassuming, and combined with its simple controls it’s a perfect point and shoot camera! Apparently its the imperfections in the lens that give the photos the unique lomography look. I’m still shooting my first roll of film and I’m excited to see the results!